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SLACK: Where Work Happens

A developing and fast-growing business requires a good relationship with each team member. The best way to achieve this ideal relationship? Open and transparent communication.

Sometimes, business concerns get lost in translation of all the formality of an email exchange or mindless hoarding of important information, which are then forgotten to be shared. I’ll be honest - managing an e-mail inbox is a never ending battle that is draining. We basically ban internal emails and & utilise SLACK.

It’s awesome.

Slack will remind you of any other instant messaging apps such as Facebook messenger & Whatsapp. Where Slack stands out is its unique features targeted for the corporate world. It offers a simplified way of conversing and adds the important elements of a workplace. Some of its best features are:

  • An automatic archiving of all written interactions

  • A powerful search engine to look back into past ideas or conversations

  • Accessible through any modern communication devices

  • Customisable based on the requirements of a group

  • Easy to set-up, maintain and intuitive

  • User can set-up channels for special teams/projects/topics that are accessible to everyone

  • Information transparency

If you are looking for a way to cut back on the emails and be on the loop on conversations and decision making, Slack is the perfect partial alternative. Of course we still need our emails but with Slack as a supplement channel for communication, this will positively cut down on redundant emails and encourage real-time response.

An open communication channel encourages collaborations, creativity and a more intimate communication approach with our team members that you can’t get from the nuisances of emails.

For employers, it is a tool that they can use in assessing or surveying their employees in terms of productivity, performance and efficiency. New employees can also look back into the past conversations and have a peek on how the company and its people operate. It is best to remember that the free flow of information makes companies more effective. The more knowledge, better decisions are produced.

It is also very important for every team member to feel that they belong. In cases such as a satellite office or offshore team members, Slack is a platform where everyone in the company are together. It encourages a cross team transparency and ultimately serves as a work communication tool where you are all together in one place. It doesn’t matter if most of the team members are in Australia and some are in other parts of the world, but through Slack, all are in one conversation and everyone are welcome to listen in on conversations they wouldn’t be a part of otherwise.

The premium service of the app is offered for a fee (From $8 to $15 AUD per month) but can also be downloaded for free (with limited features). Slack is available both on Android and IOS devices. For more on Slack, visit

Give Slack a try - You & your team will love it.

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